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The extensive Cordell Newby Photo Collection - color slides primarily taken in Washington State during the 1960's.You can MOUSE OVER column headings like "Equipment Type" or "Station" and click the down-arrow to filter or sort for specific items. Or type a word into the search box at upper right. CLICK LINK under "Photo No." to see larger versions of each photo. Scanning by Phil Webb. Indexing by Bruce Barsness. Property of GNRHS - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Reproduction prohibited without permission.

Count= 1901 Model SW1SeattleWA1969GN Model SW7. Used in road work, mainly branch line. With Flex coil trucks. Taken at Hillyard Shops.SpokaneWA1968GN Model SW9VancouverBC1962GN Model SW9VancouverBC1968GN Model SW1MinneapolisMN1968GN Model SW1unknown1970GN Model SW9VancouverBC1969GN Model SW1SeattleWA1970GN Model SW9VancouverBCGN Model SW9VancouverBC1968BlueGN Model SW9SpokaneWA1967GN Model SW9WhitefishMT1969BlueGN Model SW9HavreMT1969GN Model S12HammondIN1969GN Model SW9Sioux CityIA1969GN SW1200MinotND1969GN SW1200Sioux CityIA1969BlueGN SW1200MinotND1969GN SW1200WillistonND1969GN SW8SeattleWA1969GN SW8unknownGN SW8SeattleWAGN SW8SeattleWAGN SW8SeattleWA1962GN Model SW1. End view of backunknownGN Model SW1Great FallsMT1969GN Model SW1Great FallsMT1969GN Model SW1SeattleWA1970GN Side-facing goat in white on red background, white lettering on black backgroundunknownCloseup of locomotive-style goat heraldGN Model SW1. Front end detail photoSeattleWAGN Model SW1. Rear view detail photoSeattleWAGN SW1500SpokaneWA1968BlueGN SW1500SpokaneWA1968BlueGN SW1500SpokaneWA1969BlueGN SW1500unknownBlueGN SW1500SpokaneWA1970BlueGN SW1500MinneapolisMN1969BlueGN SW1500; also F-45 No. 433 coupled to back endMinneapolis JunctionMN1969BlueGN SW1500MinneapolisMN1969BlueGN SW1500MinneapolisMN1969BlueGN SW1500MinneapolisMN1969BlueGN SW1500St. PaulMN1969BlueGN S-2St. PaulMN1969GN S-2La GrangeIL1968GN S-2La GrangeIL1968GN S-2St. PaulMNGN S-2SpokaneWA1967GN S-2SpokaneWAGN RS3unknownGN RS2BurlingtonIL1967GN RS2VancouverBC1959GN TowerAlco RS3unknownGN Model NW5. Numbered as BN 987. Cab detail photo.SeattleWAGN Model NW5. Numbered as BN 987. Detail photo of rear half.SeattleWAGN Model NW5. Numbered as BN 987. Cab detail photo.SeattleWA1971GN Model NW5. Numbered as BN 987. Cab detail photo.SeattleWAGN Model NW3.unknownGN Model NW3.SpokaneWA1967GN Model NW3TacomaWA1967GN Model RS3unknownGN Model NW2SeattleWA1970GN Model NW2EverettWA1968GN Model NW2SeattleWAGN Model SW1200m. Unusual locomotive; rebuilt in 1955, started out to be EMC Model NC GN 5101Minneapolis JunctionMN1969GN Model NW2SeattleWA1969GN Model NW2SeattleWA1969GN Model NW2SeattleWA1969GN Model NW2unknownGN Model NW2Minneapolis JunctionMNGN Model NW2MinneapolisMN1968GN Model NW2HavreMT1969BlueGN Model NW2HavreMT1969BlueGN Model NW2SeattleWAGN Model NW2SeattleWA1969GN Model NW2SeattleWA1969BlueGN Model NW2Great FallsMT1968GN Model NW2SpokaneWA1968BlueGN Model NW2Great FallsMT1968BlueGN numbered 5101; unique EMC Model NCMinneapolisMN1969GN numbered 5102; unique EMC Model NW1MinneapolisMN1970GN Model NW2SeattleWA1969GN Model NW2unknownInterior view of cabGN Model NW2unknownGN Model NW2unknownBlueGN Model NW2Minneapolis JunctionMN1970GN Model NW2MinneapolisMN1969GN Model NW2MinneapolisMN1969GN Model NW2unknownBlueGN Model NW2SeattleWA1970GN Model NW2MinneapolisWA1969BlueGN Model NW2SeattleWA1970BlueGN Model NW2SeattleWAGN Model NW2SeattleWAGN Model NW2Grand ForksND1970GN Model NW2St. Paul -Jackson StMN1969GN Model NW2Great FallsMT1969GN Model NW2Great FallsMT1969BlueGN Model NW2Great FallsMT1969GN Model NW2Great FallsMT1969GN Model NW2Great FallsMT1970GN
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