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Miscellaneous GN-related items - seniority rosters, smaller collections or items that don't fit neatly into existing categories. If you're interested in ALL-TIME lists showing dates built/purchased and retired for every piece of GN and predecessor equipment, from the St.Paul & Pacific forward, two CDs are available, covering both MoW and passenger equipment. Contact Ken Middleton at for ordering information. SEE ALSO GN_CascadeDivision for more seniority rosters.

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Miscellaneous GN correspondence and statistics on the topic of ties, circa 1903-1907. MHS collection courtesy Stu Holmquist. Very large file.
21535 KB pdf 
GN correspondence on renewals of bridge timbers, pilings and ties circa 1896, 1897 and 1907. MHS collection courtesy Stu Holmquist.
7836 KB pdf 
GN correspondence with James J. Hill on renewals of ties circa 1905. MHS collection courtesy Stu Holmquist.
2137 KB pdf 
GN Tie Renewal statistics 1891 to 1897. MHS collection courtesy Stu Holmquist.
2695 KB pdf 
Drawing showing standard (non-triangular) tie spacing on the GN-predecessor St Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba circa 1888
9685 KB pdf 
Bill of Materials for various-sized track switches using GN's experimental triangular ties.
8430 KB pdf 
Drawing showing standard spacing for GN's experimental triangular ties produced at Somers, MT.  See Joel Goldberg's article in the December 2012 "GN GOAT" #153 - available at
7827 KB pdf