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This information began as a snapshot of the interlockings that existed on the Great Northern System in 1935, including GN's Canadian interests. It now includes some newer installations as well. Please recognise that this is a work in progress and incomplete. By this time there had been towers and other interlockings built, modified and closed. Some of the locations listed have no closing date known to me. Some of these may have been closed by 1935. The Canadian information is very hard to obtain and the group I am involved with this research has provided a lot of the information. Certain individuals have helped out a great deal, notably Hudson Leighton. Any additions/comments/corrections would be very much appreciated. Thank you all in advance  --- Peter Thompson, Nottingham, England  (thompsonpe AT

Key to Railroad Abbreviations:
BN = Burlington Northern
CAN = Canadian Northern
CNW = Chicago & North Western
DMN = Duluth Missabee & Northern
DSSA = Duluth South Shore & Atlantic
DW&P = Duluth,Winnipeg & Pacific
ESL = Electric Short Line Railway
GN = Great Northern
IC = Illinois Central
MER = Missabe Electric Railway
MILW = Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul & Pacific
NP = Northern Pacific
NPR = Northern Plains RR
OR = Chicago,St Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha
RI = Rock Island
SIE = Spokane & Inland Empire
SOO = Minneapolis, St Paul & Sault Ste Marie
WC = Wisconsin Central

BC4BCCreston JctGNCPClosedMech
BC6BCSirdar Jct.B&E(GN)CPCPClosed1913Mech
BC7BCVancouverNew Westminster (False Creek?)GNClosedMech6 levers
BC8BCVancouverNew Westminster Fraser RiverGNCP/CN/ BCERClosed?Mech
BC9BCVancouverNew Westminster Bridge 69GNOpenMech
BC10BCVancouverHeatly Avenue TowerW&E(GN)CPClosedMech
CA2CAScarfaceGNLong Ball Lumber CoClosed1905?1944?Mech
IA1IALester RI/GNClosed1939Mech
IA2IAWren  (Hinton in GN ETT's)Wren TowerGNIC/CNWClosed19111924, 1941MechGN made changes in 1924 & 1941
MB1MBBannermanGNCNClosed1917Mech2 additional levers added 1917
MB4MBCarmenCNoRMidland/GN/ CP?CN/CP?ClosedMech16 levers, 13 working
MB6MBMintoMinto TowerGNClosed1932Mech
MB7MBMordenGNCPClosedPre 19151915Mech
MN4MNBemidjiGNNP/M&I/ SOOBN/SOOClosed1911Mech24 working, 24 total
MN6MNBreckenridgeBreck TowerGN/NPBNClosed1906Mech20 working, 24 total
MN7MNBrook ParkBrook Park JctGNGNClosed
MN8MNBrookstonGNGNClosed1911Mech16 working, 24 total
MN9MNBuffington (9 miles North of Crookston)GNNPClosed1974Mech14 levers
MN12MNCarltonCarltonGNNPGN/NPClosed1905Rebuilt to Elec, prior to 1935 Mech56 working, 56 total
MN14MNClara CityGNESLClosedSemi Automatic
MN15MNCarman (Crookston)Redland Tower (Redland Jct, Crookston)GN/NPClosed1910Mech20 working, 24 total
MN16MNChisholmEmmett TowerGN/DMRN/MERGN/DMIRClosed
MN17MNColeraine Jct.DMN/GNClosed1914Mech20 working, 20 total
MN18MNCoon RapidsCoon CreekGN/NPNP/GN/ MILWClosed19111980'sMech20 working, 32 total
MN19MNCrystalCrystal GN/SOOBN/SOOClosed19061960Mech17 working, 20 total
MN20MNDeephavenDeephavenMSTL/GNCNW/GNClosedMech10 working,12 total
MN22MNDugdaleNP/GN`ClosedMech12 working, 12 total
MN23MNDuluth27th Av WNP/DM&NClosed1915Mech19 working, 24 total
MN24MNDuluth?Terminal Trestle North Tower ?MStP&SSM/GNClosed1915Mech14 working, 16 total
MN25MNDuluth?Terminal Trestle South Tower ?MStP&SSM/GNClosed1915Mech17 working, 17 total
MN26MNElbow LakeGN/SOOClosed1908Mech13 working, 16 total
MN27MNElk RiverGN/NPClosed11/28/1909Mech
MN28MNEmmettGN/DM&NClosedMech17 working, 20 total
MN29MNErskineErskineGN/SOOGN/SOOClosed1904Mech20 working, 20 total
MN31MNFergus FallsNP/GNClosed1902Mech28 working, 28 total
MN32MNGlyndonGlyndonGN/NPBNClosed1915Mech19 working, 20 total
MN33MNGranite FallsGN/MILWClosed1911Mech18 working, 28 total
MN34MNGratwickDM&N/GNClosedMech12 working, 16 total
MN36MNFergus FallsGNClosedAutomatic
MN37MNHanley FallsGNClosedAutomatic
MN38MNHibbing (Nr)EmmertGN/DM&NGNClosed19141960'sMech17 working, 20 total
MN39MNHibbing (Nr)Scranton SpurGNGNClosed1950'sElec
MN41MNHinckleyHinckley TowerNP/GNBNClosed1914Mech22 working, 24 total
MN43MNHusonHuson Bridge # 6GNClosed1905Mech8 working, 8 total
MN44MNKelly LakeGNBNClosed
MN46MNManleyCMO/GNClosed1914Mech14 working, 16 total
MN47MNMinneapolis15th Ave SEGNBNClosed19051908Mech25 working, 36 total (13 levers added 1908)
MN48MNMinneapolisBoom Island TowerCGW/GNBNClosed19141925Mech24working, 28 total
MN49MNMinneapolisMinneapolis Union DepotGNBNClosedMech2 levers
MN50MNMinneapolisPenn Ave NorthESL/GNBN/SOOClosed1914Mech14 working, 20 total
MN51MNMooreheadMoorhead JunctionGN/NPGN/NPClosed1913Mech40 working, 41 total
MN53MNNashuaMStP&SSM/GNClosed1905Mech12 working, 20 total
MN55MNPaynesvilleGN/SOOClosed1915Mech15 working, 16 total
MN56MNRedlandGN/NPClosed1909See note
MN57MNRileyGN/DMNClosed1915Mech13 working, 24 total
MN59MNSauk CentreGN/NPClosed1914Mech33 working, 36 total
MN60MNSchleyGN/SOOClosed1911Mech9working, 16 total
MN61MNSt CloudGNClosedElec
MN62MNSt. CloudSt. Cloud (East)GN/NPNP/GNClosed1912Elec37 working, 54 total
MN63MNSt. Paul4th StreetGNGNClosed1906
MN64MNSt. PaulComo Ave.& Mackubin StreetGNBNClosed19081912, 1920Elec31 working, 40 total
MN65MNSt. Paul7th StreetGNBNClosed19081912Elec33 working, 48 total
MN66MNSt. PaulMississippi St.(GN)GNBN/SOO RightsClosed19071912Elec26 working, 48 total
MN67MNSt. PaulSt. Anthony ViaductGN/MTBN/CNWClosed18991908, 1915Mech48 working, all operational
MN68MNState LineNP/GNClosed1914Mech22 working, 28 total
MN69MNTildenTilden Jct.NP/GNClosed1900Mech9 working, 12 total
MN70MNTintauSOO/GNClosed1905Mech12 working, 20 total
MN71MNVirginiaCrescent Ave.GN/DWPClosed1913Mech45 working, 56 total
MN72MNVirginia?MP 74DW&P/GNClosed1912Mech12 working, 16 total
MN73MNWadenaNP/GNClosed1911Mech22 working, 28 total
MN74MNWarrenSOO/GNClosed1914Mech12 working, 16 total
MN75MNWarroadGN/CANClosed19091915Mech15 working, 16 total
MN76MNWayzataWayzataGNBNClosed19061912Mech12 working, 16 total
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